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Note, that all options require a purchase of the AssistedFSBO (TM) base product. If you've already purchase AssistedFSBO (TM), you may add on to that purchase by selecting any optional service below. Questions? e-mail us, or call us. We'll keep your call confidential and get you answers immediately.



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    AssistedFSBO (TM) Base Service


    AssistedFSBO ™ package includes a recurring $250/month billing that provides a 15 minute Broker/Intermediary review session, plus continued listing on at least 4 business listing boards, plus continued confidential initial contact with prospective buyers, and provision of NDA’s for execution. Monthly service  may be cancelled at any time and shall be effective at the start of the next month. Any cancellations after the 24th of any month will be effective on the subsequent month.

    Only one AssistedFSBO ™ base service can be ordered per company to be sold.

  • Money Bags

    Opinion of Value


    Broker’s Opinion of Value report is priced per company. Have more than one related company? Call us for special pricing.

  • Call Center operations - Telemarketing

    Telemarketing for Business Offering


    Billed out at a rate of $400 for one telemarketer for one full day. Additional time is billed at $50/hr. More than 2 days of continuous work may be quoted at a discount.   See full details for more information.

  • DL-Envelopes

    Targeted Mailing (200 pieces)


    Base price is based on the initial 200 mailing pieces completed. letters Additional pieces beyond the base 200 pieces are to be quoted and billed separately. Please contact us to determine cost and timing.

  • Press Printing - Digital Printer

    Machinery and Equipment Appriasal


    Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal reporting. Base price includes 3 pieces of equipment. See full description for details.

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    Broker/Certified Intermediary Consultation


    Consultation services are quoted in 30 minute units. Minimum 1 unit required. Each unit is priced at $125/half hour. Two or more units ordered can be utilized at one time, or over multiple calls, but each segment is for 30 minutes.

    See full description for additional details.

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    Featured Listing


    Feeature your listing on the included listing boards as part of your AssistedFSBO ™ base service. Each unit buys a featured listing on ONE business listing board for ONE MONTH. Order multiple units up to 4 for more exposure.

    See description for full details on how Featured Listings work.