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Featured Listing


Feeature your listing on the included listing boards as part of your AssistedFSBO ™ base service. Each unit buys a featured listing on ONE business listing board for ONE MONTH. Order multiple units up to 4 for more exposure.

See description for full details on how Featured Listings work.

Product Description

Want even more exposure than just listing on a national and international listing board? Just select a featured listing option.

For just $25/per month/per listing board, you can greatly enhance the exposure of your business to buyers. It has been statistically proven that featuring a business on a listing board can bring more interested buyers to call.

The AssistedFSBO ™ team selects the listing boards based upon highest exposure for your business. Your business will be listing on at least 4 national/internal listing boards as part of the base AssistedFSBO ™ service. Selecting this feature will give you a lot more exposure.

You may select from 1-4 units for purchase. Each is quoted on a per listing board basis, and the AssistedFSBO ™ team will determine where to place the featured listing based upon the number of units you purchase.

This purchase is based on a per listing board basis, and MUST be re-ordered for the amount lof featured listings boards EACH MONTH. Make sure you place your order before the 26th of each month to ensure you are highlighted for the entire upcoming month.  Interim periods may be available, contact us for more details.

Questions? Just contact us to get more details.