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Broker/Certified Intermediary Consultation


Consultation services are quoted in 30 minute units. Minimum 1 unit required. Each unit is priced at $125/half hour. Two or more units ordered can be utilized at one time, or over multiple calls, but each segment is for 30 minutes.

See full description for additional details.

Product Description

Want more time with a Certified Business Intermediary or highly qualified broker?

You may order additional time that is not part of your initial or monthly time offering at any time. The time offered can provide you with:

  • Additional training
  • Additional discussion on your company’s operations
  • Additional discussion on organizational issues
  • Further explanation  of business value with an Opinion of Value optional order
  • Discussion on Buyer offers and terms and Conditions
  • and more.

Additional (not provided with AssistedFSBO (TM) package) consultation will be with your Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) or other highly qualified business broker assigned to your business. Consultation is priced on a per half hour unit, with a one half hour minimum.

Final billing will be based upon total contact time. You may use your additional contracted time in one session or multiple, as you choose. Each contact session is for a minimum of one half hour, and all time is rounded up to the next highest 30 minute unit. Time used in excess of this pre-paid time will be billed manually to your credit card on-file after the completion of the consultation, and subject to a 4% administrative fee on the excess time billed.

Consultant time is billed at a rate of $125/half hour.



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