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Telemarketing for Business Offering


Billed out at a rate of $400 for one telemarketer for one full day. Additional time is billed at $50/hr. More than 2 days of continuous work may be quoted at a discount.   See full details for more information.

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Product Description

If you want to use direct selling techniques, choose telemarketing resources for identifying and promoting your sale opportunity to potential buyers. Professional telemarketers that understand the nuances of offering a business for sale versus, for example, an item that you can buy at your local department store, help promote the potential sale to buyer candidates.

Once a viable candidate expresses interest, they will arrange for you to contact the prospective buyer and discuss the merits of your company!

The number of prospective buyers contacted is variable, and qualification for targeted audience must be established by you prior to beginning of work.

The cost is for a minimum of one telemarketer and for 8 hours of work. Additional time is available at $50/hr for each additional contact hour. More than 2 full days of telemarketing services may be subject to a discounted rate. Call us for a quote.

Rates shown are subject to change, and if different than stated, will be communicated to purchaser within 1 business day, and the fee shall be refunded if the price does change and purchaser does not accept the updated price level.



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