Buying a Business

We assist buyers in many areas including:

  • Buyer review (experience, financial, and suitability analysis)
  • Business acquisition education
  • Business search & evaluation
  • Franchise review (if applicable)
  • Schedule legal & accounting reviews
  • Offer preparation and LOI creation
  • Due diligence guidance
  • Assistance with financing and negotiation
  • Managing and scheduling the closing

You have decided to purchase a business. Maybe you want to expand your current business. Now the hard part comes: What business do I want? What can I afford? What is available in the locale that interests me?

You cannot answer these questions with the snap of your fingers, but this is where we can help. Our expertise in helping people find suitable businesses gives you an edge in getting started in an exciting new venture. Whether you are purchasing the business as an investment or to work in, Calder Associates will work with you to acquire the company that you are searching for.

Most people find the process of acquisition similar to traveling in un-chartered waters. Making a determination of fit, navigating the financial and operational analysis process, or even getting financing can be daunting tasks. We understand businesses and can help you make the crucial determination between fact and fiction.

Going it alone typically causes delays, adds significant costs, and often means missing out on quality opportunities, given that brokers always provide information on their best listings to registered buyers ahead of the general public. Optimize your chances of getting the business you want – register with us today!